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NORTH RIDGEVILLE — Douglas Cook, president of University Accessories, 5152 Mills Industrial Parkway, North Ridgeville, began the company 18 years ago.

“We distribute products to college bookstores, such as consumer electronic components and accessories, calculators, general merchandise, everything except food, clothing and books,” said Cook, a resident of Rocky River.

Asked about his company’s placement as a Golden 30 Award winner for established companies, Cook said simply, “It’s nice to be noticed.”

The company sells wholesale only. University Accessories has five employees and began in Westlake, then moved to Olmsted Falls and has been in North Ridgeville for four years, Cook said.

“We are always looking to hire.

“Pretty much everybody in the company has local roots. I like to hire from Lorain County, “ he said. “The work ethic is good here.”

The location of his company is a pretty good situation, according to Cook. “We ship nationally. It’s taken care of in a timely manner. We ship to the East Coast and West Coast. A lot of companies are located in Los Angeles. It makes for a pretty good distribution point here,” he said.

“Basically, at the beginning, as a computer products company, we had a niche in higher education and took that niche and ran with it. It’s been a good run. We’ve had growth every year. Sometimes small and sometimes up to 20 percent. In the last three years, we’ve had double digit growth. We have no minimum order requirement from our customers; they’re all treated as valuable customers,” Cook said.

“Our largest growth has been in college bookstores, where you’ll see a soft job market. People are going back to community colleges to learn new skills,” he said. They’re not going to expensive colleges, but to affordable colleges.

“That has become our expertise. We work with bookstores to maximize their profit opportunities. And that’s been very good to us.”

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